a recommitment to slowing down

A few weeks ago I made my first trip to Illinois. We spent a couple of days in Chicago, but the real purpose of the trip was to attend my husband’s grandmother’s memorial in Putnum, Illinois. His maternal side of the family comes from a long line of corn and soy bean farmers – I’m talking hundreds of years. We drove around to see the farmland, and acre after acre was owned by someone in the family.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the ordinary and see how another side lives. We spent two days roaming corn fields, eating BBQ in the backyard of farm estates, and star gazing through telescopes (we saw Saturn’s rings!).  It was a much needed reminder to slow down.

If you remember, my one little word for 2017 is slow. And I’ve been doing almost everything but slowing down. As I work a full time job, as I make it to auditions, as I grow this space and my connection to the LA community, my tank is feeling depleted. We have five weddings to go to and a heap of other travel commitments; my calendar is a zoo, and when I say, “I have to check my schedule”, I really have to check my schedule.

Amongst the chaos, I’ve let taking care of myself fall to the wayside. Exercise and eating healthy has not been a huge priority, and it is skyrocketing my anxiety. It has made my mind a mess and my body feel weak, sluggish, and all around not great.

So today, I’m recommitting myself to slowing down. To paying attention to how I treat my body and in turn treat my mental health. To sometimes saying no to those things that don’t align with my ambitions and sometimes saying yes to those things that simply give me joy. If I can’t take care of myself first, well, I can’t take care of anything.

Grandmother Memorial

Whitney’s grandmother, Phyllis. She was Valedictorian of her high school class of less than 9 people and lived over 9 decades. She had 6 children, traveled the world doing good, and passed away last June. The memorial was planned for this summer when the farmers would be in town to celebrate her life.

Small Town Illinois

Small Town Church House

Farmhouse Estate

Illinois Farming Family

Farm Table Flowers

Farm Estate

Illinois Farmland

Slowing Down

Corn Fields in Illinois

Illinois Corn Fields

Star Gazing

Small Town Sunset

P.S. The best way to reset and making exercise a priority.

-wonderland sam



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9 thoughts on “a recommitment to slowing down

  1. This is a great reminder! I’m in the same boat…. I’ve been hustling, working 3 “employee” jobs and multiple freelance gigs as well as trying to write my thesis proposal for school…… nothing slow in my life! Except I went camping last weekend. It was rainy and not great weather which actually made for the best time, because all we really did was hang out under tarps or sit on the rocks by the lake and do a whole lot of nothing! Sometimes it takes a change of scene to help us slow 🙂

    Beautiful photos, too – I love that red dress!

  2. Having a 2 year old can make life hectic and will make you feel like you have to move at a faster pace before the tantrums. But, as he grows and I grow as his mother I am learning that slowing down and taking in the little moments is actually what we will both remember most and appreciate. I thank my son for teaching me this not only to slow down with him but with life in general as those little moments will pass by so quickly unless you stop and enjoy them. Thank you for sharing this! Your pictures are amazing as well!

    1. Thank you so much Leigh Anne. I think we can really learn so much from kids if we just take a moment to allow ourselves. So glad you are striving to live in the present with him. ❤

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