Welcome to wonderland sam, where I hope you’ll find inspiration for living an intentional, creative, and healthy life through style, travel, and wellness.

Why the name? Oh, only because I have had a slight fascination obsession with Alice in Wonderland since I can remember, and I got to fully realize my lifelong dream of playing Alice in college. Oh yeah, I’m an actress.

Maybe you’ve seen me in the Emmy nominated series Special, getting into trouble with the devil himself on Lucifer, or trying to stay sane in my self-created comedy series, We’re Fine. Either way, living in Los Angeles and committed to that hustle, yo.


Here’s the brief “tell me about yourself”. I was born in Japan (military brat) and finally settled in Texas sometime during my elementary (5 different schools) career. I studied theatre at The University of  Texas and eventually made the move out west with my husband and the cutest dog in the world (this is not subjective). So, here I am – navigating this thing we call adulthood and trying new things along the way. Probably, mostly, eating too many slices of pizza.


I use my wardrobe as a creative outlet, try to travel as much as I can, and am constantly working on taking care of myself – both mind and body, all while helping build a community of inspiring women. You’ll find all of that around here plus the occasional DIY and (hopefully) pretty pictures.

Need somewhere to start? Some of my most popular posts:




What else?

  • I cannot blow a bubble (gum), whistle, or roll my tongue.
  • I am a huge Christmas fanatic, and I will not apologize for it.
  • I have a (not so secret) love of dance. Specimens 1 and 2. I even once got to perform with Weird Al onstage.
  • I uphold honesty above everything else (sometimes that gets me into trouble).
  • If I had to describe myself in three characters – it’d be some combination of Monica Geller, Anne of Green Gables, and April Ludgate. I’m full of contradictions.


Want to know more? Meet up for coffee or help me scour a flea market? Shoot me a line here or email hello@wonderlandsam.com.


-wonderland sam


10 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination! This is my first time being nominated for something in the blogosphere…I’m so appreciative. 🙂 Thank you for reading and following along. 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you! Trying to make the best of it. 🙂 I usually make it back to Austin about once a year but only for a few days to see family. If you’re ever in LA again, let me know! I’ll have to go through your travel archives because I’m going to Europe again next fall. And your 30 before 30 list? Girl after my own heart. 😉

  1. Loved reading this little blurb about you! Did not know you were born in Japan! So cool! So happy to have met you IRL, my friend 🙂

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