plot twist: we bought a house

In a crazy turn of events, we are excited –  and nervous – but mostly excited – to make our very first house a home. I can’t think of a more intense period of time to make such a big decision – but at the same time, the right one.

Of course, home is wherever you make it, and our 650 sq. foot, one bedroom, rent controlled apartment served us well the past 7.5 years. Did you know, the longest I have lived anywhere my WHOLE LIFE prior was 3 years?

It feels like a weird time to celebrate, but I am grasping at this sliver of brightness in this darkest of timelines. We keep asking ourselves – IS THIS CRAZY?! – but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that (quite literally) anything can happen, so we’ve got to move forward with life as best we can. Trust me when I say I understand how very, very fortunate we are.

We are so looking forward to this next chapter. To having air conditioning, our own washer and dryer, and eventually a dishwasher (a luxury the universe will still not quite afford us!). But mostly, we are so happy to give Kipling, our 9.5 year old Labrador, the yard she deserves.

The past four months have given us a lot of time and space to really evaluate what’s important to us, where we want our lives to move towards, and of course, how essential the place we call “home” really is.

We have a lot of months to slowly save and furnish and decorate this little 1950s home for when the world feels safe again – and we can have family and friends over. I’ll update and share more details along the way (#theleeshome over on IG).

Also: the previous owner is a UT alum and retired nurse (bless her). Check that Texas staining on the back fence, framed by those California palm trees. Serendipity. \m/


-wonderland sam

P.S. This decor choice probably won’t make the cut for our new home, but boy did it make me happy.

P.P.S. Please stay safe and STAY HOME.




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4 thoughts on “plot twist: we bought a house

  1. Congratulations to the two of you! Couldn’t be happier for my beautiful daughter and her husband. You are starting a new chapter in your life and so very exciting~ I just love what we have seen on line and in the video’s you showed us. I can’t wait to come with a nice bottle of wine and some cheese to really celebrate!

    God is good!

    Love you,


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